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How to Use this Website?

The purpose of ExamFreak website is to provide excellent study materials on physics and maths for High School Diploma Level. It needs some context to establish what we are trying to do and how students can benefit from us. So, here it is.

We believe from our truest core that education should be free as the price of ignorance is invaluably high. We do not have slightest bit of gripe regarding modern education and schooling system. But what we are truly sad at is to see a denial among students to study STEM subjects like Physics and Maths. A 2013 PEW research shows that almost 80% of the students globally find maths incredibly difficult compared to other subjects. Then comes Physics in the list. As Physics and Maths enthusiasts ourselves and having had the luxury of teaching at Cambridge and IB Diploma level, it pains us to see students struggling with these core subjects. Expensive tuition fees and mind-boggling reputation of institutes do not seem to come for rescue of students. What could have been the most exciting classes ever ended up being the most terrifying and boring. We have transformed the motivation of students from zero to hero level. And this precisely gives us the confidence to address this common issue of all the high school students globally. We aim to provide high-quality, conceptual notes that will shorten your course load as well as be equally effective if not better compared to what you learn from your teachers at school. Forget the class notes. Let’s be honest, they won’t help you a bit. Our courses are meant to supplement your learning rather than complement it. However, we believe our courses to be self-sustaining.  We have our own version of syllabus and it is similar to that of these boards. Some content that is only for some specific board, will be indicated in the Chapter description only. 90% of the courses are similar across these boards. 

AP and IB Boards are more geared towards producing interdisciplinary graduates. Cambridge A levels is more towards producing specialists. That’s the reason you get to choose subjects like Mechanics and Statistics that’s so wow to have at Diploma Level. AP, IB courses are very in-depth at best. They provide excellent courses for high level topics like calculus. Their emphasis to relate graphical relation between function, its derivative and its second derivative is an example of its scholarly ambition and what it expects out of its graduates.

That’s our motivation folks. Thank you for believing on us. We won’t let you down. Don’t hesitate to shoot us an email if you have something to say about our work. Cheers!

ExamFreak won't be Giving you notes that you can just easily get elsewhere

We provide you genuine materials aimed at conceptual clarity that our team has prepared with our time and effort.

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Do not hesitate to let us know whether we are helping you or not. Shoot email for your constructive criticisms if any.
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